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Aloha HIGA Members:


The 2019 HIGA handicap fees of $18.00 are being accepted now through February 28, 2019. Please send your checks to:


                                                             P.O. Box 855

                                                             Hilo, HI  96721


Members whose payments are not received by the due date will be removed from the membership roster.


Reminder to members

Just a reminder to HMGC members. Please make sure you provide a date on your scorecards. I have come across numerous cards with no date. 

Please provide your First Name, Last Name and member number (6 digits)  on your scorecards. Please refrain from using nick names or aliases. Please also mark which tees your round of golf was played.

In the past I have tried to research scorecards that do not have legible names and member numbers. Because of the increased number of members, scorecards and twice a month posting of rosters. I am no longer researching these scorecards.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Slow play at Hilo Municipal Golf Course

The problem of slow play has become an issue at the Hilo Municipal Golf Course.

For whatever reason (personal habits, playing from the wrong tees, size of group,

pairings of golfers, etc.), slow play is becoming a problem at our municipal golf course.

The HIGA is encouraging its members to practice good golf etiquette and be aware of

your pace of play.  Please try to keep up with the group in front of you.  If a group of

golfers is particularly slow, report it to the Starter's Office and the Starter's Office will

speak to them.  A round of golf should take no longer than four and one half hours.

Let's be considerate of our fellow golfers.